Hossein was involved in a large number of complex cases and was able to obtain millions of dollars of judgments and settlements in favour of his clients.

He successfully represented his client in Kakavelakis v. Boutsakis case, which was one of the longest civil dispute cases in the history of British Columbia.

A number of Hossein’s past experience and involvements are as follows:

  • Kakavelakis v. Boutsakis et al (+$2,000,000.00 aggregated judgments and court orders in a real estate, commercial, and business dispute. This case was one of the longest civil cases in the history of British Columbia)
  • Patrick Morrissey et al v. Seair Seaplanes Ltd. et al (+$1,500,000.00 settlement in a personal injury and wrongful death claim)
  • Debou v. Besemer ($750,000.00 judgment in a motor vehicle accident)
  • Heli Tech v. Weyerhaeuser Company Limited et al (+$400,000.00 settlement in a patent and business dispute)
  • Sauer v. Scales ($300,000.00 judgment in a motor vehicle accident)
  • Conclusion of numerous immigration and citizenship files
  • Beryani v. Artizia et al (+$130,000.00 settlement in a personal injury and slip & fall of the plaintiff in Metrotown Mall)
  • Salehi v. doran et al ($110,000.00 settlement in a motor vehicle accident)
  • Wayne Wilfred Anderson v. Jacklyn Kozniuk (+$75,000.00 Judgment in a motor vehicle accident and personal injury claim)
  • Ghahraman v. Campbell (+$74,000.00 settlement in a motor vehicle accident)
  • Patricia Arundell v. She’s Fit et al (+$50,000.00 Personal injury and slip & fall on the stairs of the gym, causing a broken ankle)
  • Zarrinfar v. Dulay Roofing Ltd. ($40,000.00 settlement in a fire insurance case)
  • Naser Bafkar v. The Minster of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (Immigration appeal)
  • Shahab Bahremani v. House of Wings Restaurant and Lounge et al (Personal injury, assault, and battery of our client following verbal altercation)
  • Alex Barta v. Joao F. Dasilva (Motor vehicle accident)
  • Alex Barta et al v. John Palkovics (Dispute regarding the contract of sale and purchase of a multi-million dollar house)
  • Biggs v. Roe et al (Motor vehicle accident)
  • Won Chung v. Harbottle et al (Dispute between lawyer and client regarding legal fees)
  • William Conner v. Vancouver Shipyards Co Ltd, et al (Employer, union, and employee dispute)
  • Cheryl Anisworth et al V. John Dahle (Wills and estate litigation)
  • Fabbiano v. The City of Vancouver (Suing the City of Vancouver for negligent demolishing of the plaintiff’s property, nuisance, and trespassing)
  • Rocky Lone v. Eileen Kwan et al (Business dispute and negligence of the plaintiff’s lawyer)
  • Torabi Mehr v. Tanya M. Philippsen et al (Motor vehicle accident)
  • Napper V. The Driving Force Inc. (Employer and employee dispute, and wrongful termination of the employee)
  • Gooch et al v. The Owners, Strata Plan LMS2435 (Strata dispute, business dispute, and negligence)
  • Yves Perron v. Howard Boates et al (Motor vehicle accident)
  • Sadrameli v. Sullivan (Motor vehicle accident)
  • Maurio Salehi v. Tiffany Hiltgen (Motor vehicle accident)
  • Gary Tam v. Western Forest Products Inc. (Employment dispute and wrongful termination of employee)
  • Hirji v. The Owners Strata Corporation Plan VR 44 (Strata dispute and negligence of the strata board)
  • Traut V. Stephen Cipes (Real estate and land dispute)
  • Union Gospel v. Khalid Ibraheem (Employment and human rights dispute)
  • Lois Wickert v. City of Surrey et al (Suing the City of Surrey for damages caused to the Plaintiff)
  • Sestina Matej v. The University of British Columbia et al (Personal injury and broken hand)
  • Fuller v. RBC Insurance Company of Canada (Disability benefits and insurance dispute)

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